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Italy and more exactly Garlanda and Lusignano has been the frame set of out life. Me and my wife met here for over 40 years ago on what was supposed to be a short visit.

I am German and my wife is Danish and we never thought that this country would have taken such a big place in our hearts. Italians are amazing in welcoming and socializing with other people. We have had the greatest time of our life and learned a lot from the dolce vita way of living.

Now I am turning 76, my children have moved abroad and me and my wife are not able to maintain our 2 houses at the Riviera anymore. So we are looking for someone interested in an outstanding summer residence, be introduced into a lovely culture, fantastic nature and climate. There are not many places in the world where you have beaches and skiing mountains so close to each other and where outstanding food and happy people meet and enjoy life everyday!

We’d be happy to show you around. Feel free to give us a call!

FOR SALE – No estate agents involved

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